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by samiimorgan, March 28, 2014


We are all in search of something.

Whether it be love, or fame, wealth or workplace success that we seek we can sometimes feel like there is something missing from our lives. That there is something more we long for, something we long for so much it can hurt. And I would bet that for most people it feels like if they could simply find what it is they crave everything will be ok.

Some people long to find their “special someone” with whom they will spend the rest of their life with. I can understand why; it can seem magical, a new relationship, the idea of being loved. It sometimes feels as if you never need a thing again in this world because you have someone to share your world with.

Other people will spend countless amounts of money in the pursuit of the cries of their heart.
In pursuit of Happiness.

And I hope, for the sake of these types of people that they are able to find what it is they desire.
But myself?
I guess I write from a different perspective, coming from quite a different background. My life experiences and my level of faith and worldly understanding means I see things in a light quite unique.

There are things I seek, long for, crave, ask and pray for and it is with this in mind that I have created this blog.
An outlet not only for creative thinking or writing. But an archive I plan on keeping and sharing as I pursue the hopes of my heart.


  • Legend// International Terry Day. Today we farewell the legendary man that is and forever will be the heart of this college. From all of us in 3rd year, goodluck up north on your church plant and new advantures...and most importantly, thank you for being an inspiration and uplifting personality within our lives 
#Palmcove  #makethedreamhapppen #gotoc3college
  • Comfort//true friendship should be uplifting, inspiring, supportive and nourishing. Like hot chocolate on a rarely sunny Saturday morning
  • Unite//blue, ripped, cut off, cropped

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