In Pursuit

November Notes

Rottnest: an Island for two

· An Island Getaway Daycation ·

I have had the absolute pleasure of being visited by – and being able to act as tour guide to – one of my old college friends this past week. Of course we did all the must do’s and have seen all the must see’s – the Fremantle markets, King’s Park, the coastal drive, Hillary’s…

November Notes

· Deconstructed but not broken ·

Don’t kid yourself, that’s just the way it is. November’s shown me that. At the beginning of this year the thought of November was one of excitement. It was to be the end of an era, a season of celebration, a time to remember. I was to be finishing up 3 years studying acting and…

Books, blogs and bubblegum

· Loves and Losses ·

They say – Who are they? – that when you come back to doing something after taking a break, you shouldn’t dwell on the fact that you took a break. Well, guess by mentioning it I’ve just broken that rule…Moving on! This week I thought I’d share a little more about myself with you all…

Who Run the World?

· International Day of the Girl ·

Today, October 11 is the United Nations International Day of the Girl and to celebrate our awesomeness, highlight some of challenges girls face and to promote young female empowerment – that one day all girls can fulfil their dreams and accomplish their goals –Β The circle movement – a global movement of passionate, empowering women, who…

One Perfect Day in Margaret River

· A Queen's birthday public holiday road trip ·

I love a good road trip. I mean, who doesn’t? Good company, good music, all the snacks you can eat and all the coffee you can drink. And it doesn’t really matter where you’re heading. It’s all about the road ahead and the day is your’s to make of it as you will. Last Monday…