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August 9, 2017 1 Comments

What to pack to go from red eye to bright eye

I have taken my fair share of plane flights over the past few years. And this Friday night I am off again. On a red eye flight no less.
And so this week, ahead of my trip, I thought I would share with you what I pack in my on flight bag.

Being stuck on a cold plane in a small hard chair, surrounded by strangers for hours on end is one of the most unpleasant things in life, even if you’re headed on an exciting adventure. But there is nothing worse than being on a red eye flight. Sometimes, thanks to my father working for Qantas I get lucky and fly Business class; which makes a world of difference. But even then, it’s always freezing, it’s ever so loud and you arrive to your destination early the next morning sleepless, dehydrated and cold. So take some advice from a seasoned flyer and fellow hater of red eye flights and I promise, the next time you fly you’ll not only survive but thrive.


  1. My Backpack: I have a medium sized black leather bag by Milleni which I have found to be the perfect bag for travelling.
  2. Ask for an upgrade: It’s only a no until you ask and it wont cost you anything to do so. And believe me, business class truly does make all the difference. If they can’t do that, ask if you can have a better seat, maybe one with more leg room.
  3. Forget make up: All I pack in my bag for the next morning is BB cream, a neutral coloured lipstick and Waterproof mascarra. There is no point to wearing anything more, especially on the flight. Think about it, you wouldn’t wear makeup to bed. But if you don’t feel comfortable going bare faced I recommend keeping it simple. But I then suggest packing a packet of makeup removal face wipes to freshen up once you apply.
  4. Don’t drink or eat 30 minutes before boarding: Especially not coffee! If you plan to sleep, which most people hope to do, the last thing you should do is fill up.
  5. Pack a big comfy sweater: Not only is it going to be cold within the cabin (and they don’t always give out blankets) but you’re going to want some home comforts and nothing makes me feel more at home than a big oversized, well worn sweater.
  6. The thicker the socks, the better: Don’t be afraid to get comfortable. Take your shoes off and put on some soft, warm socks because everyone knows how we lose body warmth from head and feet.
  7. A Tissue! Bless you: My Grandma has always carried tissues with her and while I have never been a subscriber to holding tissues up my shirt sleeves, I never leave the house without a pocket sized packet of nose wipes. And I don’t know about you but my allergies run especially crazy on flights. The type of tissues that I like are made of bamboo fibre.
  8. Read a book: Lately I have been researching the effects of blue light, which is emitted from computer screens. One of the biggest causes of sleeplessness is this blue light. So if you can’t get to sleep, don’t harm yourself and cause more pain by turning on the inflight entertainment. Instead, read a book.
  9. Earphones are a must: Don’t bother with the flimsy headphones they hand out on the flight, pack your own earphones. Not only will they have better sound quality but they will also feel more comfortable.
  10. Pay music or even an audio book: Block out some of the noise with your favourite music, relaxation playlist or even an audio book.
  11. Take Note: I always carry a notebook with me, even on a red eye flight. I come up with some of my best ideas when I am falling asleep, so I like to be able to have something to write in if I come up with anything.

And that’s not all. A large oversized scarf can double as a blanket if the airline doesn’t supply one for you, a neck pillow should be a must in everyone’s carry-on and if you really need to get some z’s I suggest trying a natural sleeping aid. I use Nature’s own complete sleep tablets.

So there you have it, my red eye flight carry-on essentials and tips. Now let’s see if I can indeed get business class this time round. Fingers crossed!

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    August 11, 2017

    Some of my essentials too! And my roll on oil from Aesop. It’s a travellers blend, which helps calm any nerves during the flight… turbulence can be scary even to a seasoned traveller!
    xx Jenelle

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