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Rottnest: an Island for two

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Grab your swimmers, pack your camera and slip, slop, slap. Let's go on an adventure!

I have had the absolute pleasure of being visited by – and being able to act as tour guide to – one of my old college friends this past week. Of course we did all the must do’s and have seen all the must see’s – the Fremantle markets, King’s Park, the coastal drive, Hillary’s Boat Harbour
*which actually had a fireworks display on Saturday night to launch the beginning of summer*
the dolphins down near Rockingham – well, Janna did, I had to work – and area’s of the city, like Elizabeth Quay and the West Australian Art Gallery, where we saw the special exhibit of Heath Ledger: A life in Pictures.
I mean come on, I couldn’t not take an art grad to an art gallery!
What kind of host would I be then?

And all these places are amazing but there is no better place in which to enjoy the natural beauty Western Australia has to offer than on an Island getaway daycation on Rottnest.


When my friend told me that she had booked tickets to visit Rottnest Island I knew that I had join her. There is no better place to relax and recharge, to unwind, to explore and enjoy yourself than the little coastal island.

My friend and I booked a ferry ticket and bike compo from and I highly recommend it.
You can also get a snorkel and flippers thrown in with your ferry and bike deal if you’d like to do some underwater exploration!
We departed from Hillary’s Boat Harbour and the trip takes about 45 minutes but there are also ferry’s from Fremantle and Perth city, from Elizabeth Quay. There are busses on the island that can take you around to the major bays and attractions but having a bike allows you to plan your own adventure, to go where you want to go, when you want to go.
Granted, you do need to be relatively fit and you may – like us – find yourself fighting the wind. But it allows you to explore more and see more of the island’s beauty. If you are a WA local you can also take your own bike and/or helmet over on the ferry, saving a little money.

There are so many bays and reefs circling the island that one day does not seem enough!
But nevertheless, even if you only have one day – like we did – there is something to do and somewhere to explore for every island visitor. In town you can find nearly everything that you may want to eat and drink. You can book small boat cruise’s and reef exploration trips that explore the whole island. And there are so many coral reefs to snorkel over that I don’t think you would ever see all the ocean life. There are also many historical sites like Oliver’s Hill – a world war II gun placement, ship wrecks that you can see from the beach, federation built lighthouses and traditional Aboriginal sites where archaeological artifacts, dating back over 6500 years have been found. There are also free walking tours run daily by trained volunteers. Just pick up a brochure at the island’s visitor centre for all this information and more.

Rottnest Island is worth the splurge.
I mean, I’ll get real, visiting Rottnest is not going to be the cheapest thing you do while in Perth. And as a local Perthian, it is most definitely an extravagant splurge. But it is worth it. It was a beautiful day out with one of my best friends
*even if it was blowing a gale, classic Perth style!
and I know you will love it too!

Rottnest is one of those magical must see’s that you will never forget. I know I wont!

Janna was one of those welcoming, happy, comforting first week of college friends that I was naturally drawn to and even then – back in 2015 – I knew that we would be friends for years to come and it has been so nice to have her near again. I will cherish this time and the memories made forever. Till next time we meet,

Love you babe xx

Sunglasses – Quay Aus| Playsuit – Reverse from Alex & Nia | Swimsuit – Seafolly
| Shoes – Addias Original Superstars |

All photos are my own.
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