In Pursuit

What’s in my Bag?

Those Old College Days

· My time at C3 College and why I left ·

It will be the hardest, most difficult time of your life. You’ll make friends and lose friends. You’ll travel and serve, learn and change. I had made a life for myself in Sydney, made friends from around the world, travelled to new places, performed alongside talented actors, hosted conferences and I lost a lot too….

23 things i know at 23

Today is my 23rd birthday That’s right, on the 3rd of the 3rd, in my 3rd year of college, I’m turning 23. Now if that ain’t a coinkydink I don’t know what is. And in commemoration of this magical mathematical happening that is God creating and gracing the world with my presence, I have compiled…

Farewell Summer

· Summer 2017 ·

Thank you to my family and friends both here and over in the west for a much needed rest and for all the fun. But now as summer sets and the rain falls, at least for us in Sydney, let us be reminded that as one season ends, another begins. I don’t know about you…

All Are Welcome At My Pity Party

Welcome to my Pity-party. Please, enjoy yourself. Make yourself at home. What is mine is yours. My fears, my pain, my disappointment has all been laid out for you to partake of. The refreshments can be found by my pile of failures, the power room is down the hall opposite my bad relationships and tonight’s…