In Pursuit

What’s in my Bag?

Do more of what makes you happy

· Resolution review ·

“I want to be happier with my creative process and it’s outcomes. I want to be more understanding and accommodating of others processes too. I want to be less afraid of people’s opinions, of expressing myself. I want to be bold and take creative risks. I want to create more for me, to enjoy it…

5 Perth food Instagram accounts to follow right now!

· #foodporn ·

Little old Perth. A lot can be said about this quiet, slow paced, geographically isolated town of a city. But for all it (sadly still) lacks, one thing that is very much on the rise here is the foodie revolution. With a new cafe opening what feels like every week now, no matter what suburb…

Show your best side

· The social media minefield ·

I received a message the other day from a dear friend. My friend’s message was innocent and caring and all she asked was if am I okay. But it was an albeit small comment in this said message that got me thinking. She said “you look a lot happier.” I’ve always thought that sharing is…

Dungarees | the Peter Pan of Fashion

· Closet Heroes ·

Dungarees have been around for decades. From the wide legged disco days of the 70’s, through the big hair years of footloose, to the iconic grunge and ripped fashion phase of our childhood, dungarees have been a constant friend, there for us through it all. And whether you love them or hate them you can’t…

You’ll learn to let things go

· Dealing with unforeseen change ·

After everything that has happened in the last few weeks, what with every expectation of direction I thought my life was heading in being taken from under me, all the hard work I had put in coming to nothing and having no choices left to me but to step away from it all, I felt…