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Opshop Winter Haul & Lookbook

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August 23, 2017 0 Comments

The two most commonly asked questioned I get on the topic of Opshopping are; Where are the best places to go? and how do I work my thrifty finds into my already exsisting wardrobe?
Well in this weeks post I show you not only where I thrift in Perth but I have curated a winter season lookbook of my most resent opp shop finds as a visual representation of how these pieces can become wardrobe staples

I have fallen in love all over again with Opp shopping (that’s the Aussie word for thrift stores, if you don’t know). For many years I was embarrassed to be seen anywhere near an Opshops because at one stage in my youth my family couldn’t afford much more than what could be found in our local Good Sammy’s store. Then, for a while there I only saw Opshops as a place to find party/performance costumes. But as I got older and explored the world of fashion more passionately I came to think of Opp shops in a much more friendly light.

For one thing, you can save a lot of money. For another, the money you are donating by purchasing items from charity stores goes directly to the larger charity and therefore into the community. And if that wasn’t good enough, by shopping in second hand stores and buying preloved clothing you are lessening the damage of fast fashion; Recycling and repurposing is one of the easiest ways that we can be economical and ethical.

I am often asked how I ever find anything in Opshops, with the common remark being that ‘there is so much to look through and yet nothing I like’. I think Opshop success comes down to three factors:

  1. Never go in with an agenda
  2. Look through everything, in both gender’s sections
  3. Shop in older established/upper class suburbs

I prefer to be surrounded by good people; I don’t do too well on my own for long periods of time. But I do prefer to shop (especially Opshop) alone. And it is because when I am alone I am more focused on the task at hand. A little tip if you are shopping alone, wear ear phones and listen to your favorite playlist; depending on what you like to listen to it can either pump you up and keep you motivated or the music can keep you calm in amongst the hustle and bustle that Opshops can become on popular days.

The thing with Opp shopping (or even just shopping in general) is that – as luck would have it – you always have more success if you are not looking for anything in particular. I mean it sucks but isn’t that just the way? Or does that only happen to me?
Well, for what ever reason it is that this strange occurrence happens, it can be remedied. You have to keep an open mind and let your creativity flow. Never go in looking for something specific because then you neglect the charm and romance of Opshopping; there are all kinds of hidden treasures and there is only one size of each and the stock is different every time you visit. Simply be open to the possibilities.

Also, look through everything. Look in all the size sections, look in both gender’s sections, look for both summer and winter stock as the best things come in at the end of the season and be willing to try things on. The best jumpers are often in the men’s section, the best hats are in the female section and if you are on the smaller side like me, look in the kids section, there are always shoes in good condition in the kids section.

The second question I am often asked is where I go Opp shopping. I live up in the northern beach suburbs of Perth but I make the trip down the coast to Fremantle to get the creme of the crop. Truly fellow Perthians there is no greater area for Opshopping. On the corner of High Street and Josephson Street there are about 5 different Opshops/second hand clothing stores that stock some of the best brands and best quality garments. There is:

  • Anglicare WA Op Shop
  • Vinnies Fremantle
  • Good Sammy
  • Salvo’s (along Josephson St)
  • RSPCA Reloved Fashion (corner of High St & Queen St)

On Saturday I thought that I would take a day for myself and make a day of being in my favorite part of Perth by checking out what these stores had in the way of winter fashion. This coming February I am travelling to Europe and America, which will be in the thick of winter and as Australia is warming up it is becoming harder to find winter clothing in stores. But just as I expected, as people begin to shed their winter coats in favor of lighter garments, so does the stock of preloved clothing grow in Opshops.

I have curated this winter lookbook with my most resent finds as a visual representation of the stock, brands and quality that these Fremantle Opshops have to offer and how I would style these pieces.

Opshop find: Ralph Lauren Sport Jumper size L | Sportsgirl Jeans

Opshop find: Gorman Jumper size 6 | Sportsgirl Jeans | Betts kids leather boots | Target Hat

Opshop find: Morrison Jumper size 2 | Karen Walker silver ring

Opshop find: A-MINSTYLE longsleeve knit | Piper Midi Skirt | Black belt | Quay Aus reflective sunglasses | Betts Kids Leather Boots

Opshop finds: SABA pants size 4 | Topshop Satin PJ shirt size 6 | Adidas Originals Superstar White size 3

Opshop find: Marcs Coat

Opshop find: David Jones Woolmark Jumper size L | Vera Moda (ASOS) Dungarees size S | Betts Kids Leather Boots |
Quay Aus Reflective Sunglasses

Opshop find: Vera & Lucy Coat size M | Target Hat | Morrison Jumper size 2

Opshop find: Off-shoulder Midi dress | Betts Kids Leather Boots

Photos by @anniejwinters

Thanks for reading my pretty’s. Hope you are inspired to recycle and lessen the damage of fast fashion.

Have fun Opshopping!

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