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One Perfect Day in Margaret River

· A Queen's birthday public holiday road trip ·

October 4, 2017 4 Comments

I love a good road trip. I mean, who doesn’t?
Good company, good music, all the snacks you can eat and all the coffee you can drink. And it doesn’t really matter where you’re heading. It’s all about the road ahead and the day is your’s to make of it as you will.

Last Monday was a public holiday long weekend here in WA and I didn’t really have any plans going into the weekend. Until I got message from an old college friend who was visiting Perth for a couple days. Within minutes we had the makings of a perfect day planned.

I woke up early Monday morning, hopped on the bus and made my way to meet up with my friend Em. And our first port of call was of course a West Australian cafe icon for some much needed caffeine provisions, Dome. Because sure we could have bought coffee from anywhere, but when in Rome…With our large latte’s in hand we set off down south, to Margaret River!

Where else would you wanna spend a spring public holiday than in one of the world’s most beautiful country locations?
Think lush Karri tree forests, colourful wildflowers, caves, more vineyards than you could ever visit in one day (if that’s your thing), white sand beaches and so many lovely locals to meet in town.

Now, sure it is a little bit of a way to go in just one day (about 3 hours south of Perth) but that’s what made it such an amazing experience. It was spontaneous, fun and adventurous!

We ate a small lunch in town. Not going to lie…it was a little difficult to find somewhere to eat. I guess we’re both just so used to the Northern Beaches of Sydney cafe environment! But never the less, the cafe was lovely, if not a little expensive…

We then drove through the town in search of a maze Em had heard about. And oh my goodness, you don’t need children to enjoy this place. It was the most amazing place I had ever seen and I’ve walked my fair share of mazes! Amaze’n Margaret River has the most beautiful, sculptured hedge maze I have ever seen. It towered over us and no joke we would have been lost forever in that place if it hadn’t been a family of fellow maze navigators helping us out.

We headed back into town and visited the local Red Cross Charity Store. Because this is me we are talking about, there was no way I wasn’t checking it out. And lucky for me, my girl Em shares the same interest! I found a camel wool coat for only $7.50 and a soft pink scarf made of Australian Alpaca hair, for only $10.

After a small reprieve in the car as I tried to get my phone to charge, we drove a little further south, down Caves Rd. And this is what we found.

Boranup Karri Tree Forest was magical. It was just one of the most wonderful places. It reminded me of New Zealand. Trees as thick as 5 men and as tall as just as many stories. It was ever so quiet as we walked through the valley. I felt like a child again.

After stocking up on some food and coffee we finished off our perfect day by watching the sun set over the Indian ocean at the Busselton Jetty. I mean I couldn’t let Em visit Perth and not see the world’s longest wooden jetty! And I am glad we drove we home by it because the sunset was ever so beautiful. There is something so magical about seeing a sunset over the ocean and that’s not something you see in Sydney.

Okay so we didn’t do the common list of tourist activities and okay we didn’t see all that much considering just how much there is within the greater area of Margaret River. But I don’t care, I loved it. For the first time in a long time I truly enjoyed myself. And isn’t that what a road trip is all about? Isn’t that what being with a friend is about?
Plans don’t always need to be made. Not everything needs to be timed. We should take life by the reins more often and make of the day what we want!

I challenge you to throw away the calender, get out with your friends and explore more of your own backyard. It’s worth it!

October 11, 2017


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    October 8, 2017

    Margaret River is a stunning place to visit, love your photos!

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      October 9, 2017

      It’s the best! I mean, it was a very short trip but it was lovely. Thank you, my friend Em took the photos for me and I took a few of her but chose to let her choose what she does with them.

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    October 6, 2017

    Such good shots lady! How good is it down south?!

    xx Mon

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      October 9, 2017

      Oh I could happily live down there! I’m a country girl at heart and it just made me feel at home. And thanks girl! yeah, my friend Em took the photos for me and I used Photoshop to edit them a little.

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