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And the LORD said unto him, “What is that in thine hand?”And he said, “A rod”.
Exodus 4:2 King James Bible

What do you have in your hand?
This question was asked of Moses at a time when all Moses possessed was that rod. To him that rod was his life, his identity and his livelihood as a Sheppard. And although we may look at this question and see it as a simple answer, let me tell you, Moses would not have enjoyed being asked why he holds such a thing. Surely his mind went back to those days in the palace in Egypt when he was being trained and educated to be a Pharaoh. When his hands held a scepter instead. When he held the world in his hand, and now he has nothing but a dry, dead stick. To Moses, that rod – no matter how useful such a thing was to the Sheppard he had become – was nothing but, a rod.

In my last post I wrote about opening your eyes and changing your prospective, that you may see the doors already open to you. After hearing this passage from Exodus earlier in my week I have been reminded yet again to look deeper and wider; to change my prospective, that I may see the opportunities already presented to me.  And so I looked into the story Moses again, slowing down and thinking about everything I read.

You see, we all hold something in our hands. We all hold a ‘rod’; some talent, resource, ability, money, time or gift. I think though,  just as Moses cringed to be seen by God holding such an insignificant thing so close to his heart, we can begrudge our rod because of its little size and insignificance. To us, our rod is a reminder that we are as Moses was in this verse – a ‘has been’, a washed up nobody on the back side of the desert. We have so many dreams, we may even know of the things we have been promised but we feel poor and alone in the world, without any gift or talent or power to make anything of ourselves and change our circumstances.

But I want to remind you of something that I believe we forget far too easily.
It does not matter how little your ‘rod’ is, in the eyes and hands of God it is more than enough!
Here’s me point, to Moses that rod was nothing but a tool, a weapon, a necessary part of his life. In his hand, it helped support him. It helped protect and guide his flock. It helped him in many ways day by day. But, in his hands it was still just a dead, dry stick. However when that stick was given over to the Lord, it became a living thing. God used that simple stick, a wooden rod, to deliver Israel from bondage in Egypt. God parted the Red Sea and bestowed many miracles and blessings upon God’s people through Moses’ rod.

What has God given to you? What do you hold in your hand? What do you already have that you could use?
Personally, I hold this blog and a passion for youth and young adults. I hold a gift of wisdom and understanding. I have talents in the performing arts and skills in strategy. I hold in my hand the ability to identify a problem and create a solution. I hold a fire within me that God Himself lit; a fire that burns passionately for change for young people affected by their differences.

All that God needs from you is what He has given to you, even if it’s nothing more than a rod in your hand. God can do anything and doesn’t need our skills or abilities. God wants our trust, obedience and love.  I already have everything I need in my hand because loved me so and gave me so much. In my last post I suggested opening your eyes that you may see things in a new light and found the doors that are already open to you. Now I ask you open your hearts, that you may gain much by giving back to God the little you have already received.

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