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I have a one hundred-dollar note; A beautiful mint green one hundred-dollar note that is clearly worth a lot. We know of its worth because of the number printed large and clear on its side, but would you take it if I were to give it to you crumpled? You would?
Ok then, what if I dropped in into the dirt and stomped on it a few times, covering it in mud? Would you still want it?
I know I wouldn’t refuse such an offer, but why?
Its dirty and crumpled – I would have to work pretty hard to clean it in order to use it. But even still, I would take it because I know of its worth.
Well I want to ask you another question, keeping in mind that damaged one hundred-dollar note. If I had been hit, dropped, stomped into the mud and made dirty would you take me in? Would you want me knowing where I have come from, the things I have gone through? Would you clean me off to see my true worth? Would you then help me to help you by recognising my usefulness?

Last weekend I attended a youth conference here in Perth where I heard from an amazing motivational speaker, Glen Gerreyn; check him and his story out here.
I have heard Glen speak a few times over the last couple of years and have note books full of inspirational, life changing and action enacting insight, written in during his messages. Some of my biggest epiphanies have occurred after hearing a message by Glen and the message he delivered last weekend was no less impacting. In fact it has given me a lot of food for thought.
One thing that has sat heavily on both my mind and heart this week is a question that was posed to me during one of Glen’s Saturday leaders training messages.
You see, there is one word that can sum up a person entirely; one word that symbolises them, what they stand for, fight for, believe in and strive to prove to others. There is one for each of us and it is completely your own; no one else shares that word for the same reason and no one can use that word in the same way to enact the same type of change. The said question posed? – What is the one word that describes you?
Glen Gerreyn explained by sharing the word which symbolises him and it was clear as to why that was his word. Hope – that is the one word that sums Glen up. Glen believes in Hope and giving people hope for the future, giving people the hope to live another day. He strives to prove that there is hope to the hopeless.

I thought about it for a few minutes – what my one word could be – if there could be only one word to sum up an entire being. I mean have you ever been asked to sum up an event or period of time in just one word? It can be very difficult. And it was difficult for me to think of just one word that could explain me and what I believe in. But then, just as I thought of a word that could be right for me, I heard a voice – clear and loud – say “No, you can do so much more than that, you can come up with a word better than that one. Think about it, look within yourself. If you could give anyone any piece of advice, what would you tell them?”

And as soon as I heard that voice, a word so simple yet perfect, came to mind. That word was ‘Worth’.

The definition of self-worth is to have a sense of one’s own value or worth. But how does one have any positive level of self-respect if they only look upon themselves with eyes this world has shaped? You see, I am passionate to prove to people that they are worthy and deserving of love because I am along with many people, dirty and damaged. I have had to face some very serious times throughout my young life. I bet you could say the same thing. I have also been hit and dropped in the mud, sometimes by people whom I trusted. And how could anyone have any positive level of self-respect if the very people whom should show you the most respect don’t? I have walked through valleys and had to climb trees which have left their mark on my heart. I am that one hundred-dollar bill that was crumpled and dropped and stomped on. I am damaged and so covered by the dirt of sin and hurt that you can’t see what is underneath. I have myself forgotten – during periods of my life – my worth. I have looked at what is on the outside, looked at the scars and cuts and grime and forgot what is underneath. I look at myself as the world made me and not as I have been created. I look with eyes of judgement, with eyes that have been shaped by the things of this world. I see nothing but a crumpled note.

But that way of thinking – that way in which I look at myself – is wrong. We are all made unworthy by the things we both do to ourselves and what this world can do to us. We are all hidden underneath grime and dirt and mud – sin, shame, failure, fault, poverty, selfishness – that have covered us. We have become thin layered and thin minded beings that look at only the outside, the façade. People of this generation and day-of-age have forgotten to believe in people. We have forgotten that we were created with a purpose, for we were created from love.

I doubt sometimes if am deserving of any of the things I am hoping for. I mean if I were would God not have given them to me yet?

There is a book by Judah Smith that I’m currently reading, you can go and check it out here. Chapter 6 entitled Leaving Worthy World speaks about Grace and how it is a gift given out of love. We can sometimes think that grace is something we either don’t deserve or something we must work for. But in truth Grace has already been given, given by Jesus as He died on the Cross. He saw you and me as worthy of His love and His life. Jesus died for you and yet you insult Him by not accepting the Grace he paid for. How can we insult Him? By believing that we are not worthy of any love, any good or any of our dreams. By believing that we must work for His Grace we cheapen the price Jesus paid for our sins. There is a place named by Judah Smith in his book as ‘Worthy World’. It is a lame and sad excuse of an amusement park with every attraction costing you a fortune but many of us are still there, riding less than fun roller-coasters because we can’t afford anything else. But I want you to try something for me; look up and away from ‘Worthy World’ because just over the fence there is another amusement park. This park does seem better, doesn’t it? With its amazing rides and petting zoo full of rear wildlife but you can also imagine that it would cost far too much for a regular of ‘Worthy World’. But it isn’t. No, ‘Grace Land’ is free and anyone is welcome, if they can only look up and move out of negative ‘Worthy World’.

I want to let you know – anyone who doubts their self-worth – that you are a true One hundred-dollar bill; you may be covered over with self-doubt now but Grace has already come to wash the dirt off, straighten out the creases and reveal to you the large clear printing on your heart which states your worth. You are so important and are more than deserving of love. It is from love that you will receive all the things you long for. It is through acceptance of Jesus dying for us and the acceptance of His Grace that we can have the abundant life God planned for us.

It is for the reason of my hurt and self-doubt that I believe my one word is ‘Worth’ and that it is this one word I am meant to share with others. And with that said I want to start something new here on my blog – and please comment here and subscribe and like the blog if you agree with me – I want this blog to help people and inspire change in this world, so I am going to set myself a challenge every 30 days which I will share with you and report about at the end of the 30 days. My first 30 Day Challenge is going to be to tell 30 people about Grace and how it has made us all deserving and worthy. One person, every day.

So please, join me, get in contact in with me by my email which you can find here and become a difference maker with me!

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    keep no secrets, tell no lies

    June 15, 2014

    Love this blog post Samii, so honest, open and relevant for a huge number of people. Your words have spoken directly to me and I know I’m not alone in that. Please keep them coming.

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