In Pursuit

I started this blog as a personal 30 day challenge. I had wanted to write one for years and had never had the nerve to act. I had been fearful; fearful of the unknown. I kept waiting, waiting on a sign, a word from God or the universe (whatever you believe in, insert when I speak about such things) to tell me what I should do and when I should act. I was afraid to try something on my own, as I may end up doing something God had not planned for me to.

I ask God all the time for a new door to open that I may move into whatever it is I am meant to do. And, in my worry to stay on a straight and narrow path, I think that I have forgotten something very important; God wants everything for me that my heart yearns for.
And so – without realizing that in doing so I was opening doors for myself – I created this blog and subsequently began a change within myself.
One change for example is that I am beginning to write for longer periods at a time, writing more openly and with more passion. I am also dreaming again about the future, simply for the sake of it; without fear. And as of the past month I have begun to feed the idea of extending this blog, ultimately reaching a larger population of youth and young adults; becoming a difference maker in people’s lives and my community by sharing my experiences and life. But that is not what I wanted to write about – that is to come.

Personally, it was fear of not understanding what I wanted, or more so what I could do using my gifts and talents that stopped me from making a difference in my life and getting what I wanted.
It was also a fear of trying only to fail, believing it would be safer to be upset about not trying than being disappointed again. But as I said earlier, God wants everything for you that you want for yourself.

What is in your way, preventing you from walking into a future that you want?
Because I want to tell you something; you can have that life for yourself now.

There are doors open to you already; you don’t need to ask for an open door or knock so hard on a closed one, God has already answered.
It is simply our perspective that stops us from seeing them.
We can think that because something doesn’t look the way we imagine it, it can’t be an opportunity for us. But I want to tell you something else; everything you are doing is an opportunity for God. And He will help you if you choose to take the opportunity.

So, instead of knocking on locked doors, open your eyes and consider other avenues.
Where do you work? Is there any opportunity for you there to use your talents?
What is your role in your community/family? Is there the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life among your peer group?

I know now that God has put me in my place for such a time. He has given me friends and family who will act as both support networks and challengers. It is because I have opened my eyes and changed my perspective that I have seen multiple doors open; Leadership, this blog, youth counsel and motivation and filming opportunities.

So stop waiting for a sign; you can never know when it is the right time to wait or to act. Only God knows that.
Stop being fearful to try, or to fail. Try your hand at everything and take every opportunity.
It is only through the courage to walk through an open door that you can move into what you have been purposed to do.

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