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Some days are just difficult | It’s Ok not to be Ok
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I’ve said it many times before in these blog entries that some days can be harder than others and it can seem easier to sit down in the dark and let life pass me by. Sometimes I feel so broken and messy that it would be better it leave me where I have fallen. Sometimes I just can’t face myself, let alone anyone else. Some days I can only see the mud covering me and forget the person inside. Some days are just…difficult and despite that my body needs rest, I feel pressured into getting up and getting on. And that usually makes the matter worse.

Despite my receiving amazing news last Friday and spending the weekend on a high, come Tuesday morning all the excitement was gone as the reality and practicality of normal life dawned. I should be on a high, I should be excited because for the first time in a very long time I have confirmation that dreams can come true. More importantly, I have confirmation that my dreams are going to become reality. I can look into my future and see clearly. But all too soon life once again reminded me of my fears and failings and it all became too much to handle. I felt bad. I felt tired and drained but worse was that I didn’t feel like I had a right to cry about it. I felt bad for not being able to smile, bad that I couldn’t be strong and hold my head high. And that is wrong.

Life is a rollercoaster; have you ever heard that expression? I hate it. My life is not a rollercoaster; everyday is. I feel like I am stuck on a never ending ride round and round, up and down, left, right, back, forward. Stuck paying for a ride I wish could end and let me off that I may have the chance to ride one of the other rides I have only ever been able to watch from the seat of this rollercoaster. Every hour life seems to change course and I am either lifted or dropped. And it hurts to fall because what does, crashes. But I shouldn’t be made to feel low because of the state of my rollercoaster like life. The truth is that no one is happy all the time, everyone’s life is a rollercoaster full of twists, rises and drops. I believe that we shouldn’t have to fake our smiles as our rollercart falls. We shouldn’t have to hide the pain we feel when our days are full of a little more turns and back tracking than other’s.

We shouldn’t be so hard on each other for needing to take a day off because it is important to honour both the highs and lows. Some things that I like to do when taking a day for myself is:

  1. Boost your energy: It is good to get out of the house and going for a walk or a run is a great way to increase your blood pressure and calm your mind. And if running is not for you try Pilates or swimming.
  2. Eat something yummy: Bake or cook something warm and tasty to have for your lunch or dinner and try making a meal that you don’t eat often, treat yourself.
  3. Listen to music: Listening to your favourite music can calm your mind and can release built up stress and emotion. Dancing can also help; dance like no one is watching, dance like you don’t care who may be watching. It can be fun and might just be what your body needs; a way to shake out all the stress and anxiety.
  4. Talk to a friend: Reach out; communicate your thoughts and let someone know of the emotions you’re feeling.
  5. Read a book: Whether you read for enjoyment, study purposes or self development reading can take your mind off your problems. It can also teach and bring revelation that may help you though your tough time.
  6. Create: We have been created in our creator’s image, we were born to create. Everyone is creative in some way that is personal to them whether it be painting, music, dance or cooking everyone has the human ability and drive to create. Let yourself have fun by doing what ever it is that you can do well, what ever it is that you enjoy making.
  7. Visit somewhere that makes you happy: Even if it is difficult to get yourself out of the house visiting a favourite place can be one of the best ways to spend a not-so-great day. It can remind you of all the good times that you have spent there. Find place that feels safe and relaxing so that when another bad day comes your way you know of somewhere you can go where you can be reminded of the good.

Most importantly though, remember. No one is happy all the time. No one is stong on their own. No one is invincible.
Some times its ok not be ok. Because tomorrow is a new day and it will better. And so will you.


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    December 12, 2014

    In your opinion, is it more pf a lifelong pursuit of happiness or a pursuit of wholeness? Because both can provide a different perspective on the events through life. James 1:2 onwards is a brilliant way of looking at the pursuit of wholeness.

    And remember, its ok to have a day of rest, and its ok to say no. No is the hardest word in the church to say, but learning to say it can build respect for yourself and others

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      December 18, 2014

      I think that it would be more of a pursuit for wholeness than happiness. Happyness is fleeting and although i do talk a lot about material wishes all the things i really want in life are more ‘wholesome’ for lack of a better word. But feeling loved or appreciated can make you happy so…guess i don’t really know.

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        December 18, 2014

        Remember, you can still appreciate happiness, just dont try to make it your focus, wholeness build character, happiness builds vanity in most cases

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