In Pursuit

Somewhere, over

Lost in Translation

· Perdu dans la traduction ·

Throughout my years of living and studying in Sydney, at an international college, I met countless people from countless countries who spoke all kinds of languages.  And I’m here in Switzerland this week – reunited and now surrounded by some of my dearest friends – because of the beautiful friendships I made with those people….

Somewhere, over

· The long haul ·

Somewhere over Turkey, the most beautiful sight graced mine eye. A rolling wave of rocky ridges, frosted on top by the whitest snow, stretching out in every direction for as far as I could see. Or imagine. Over head, jets crossed paths. Coming and going. Heading out and arriving home. Streaming cotton candy in their…

10 Travel bloggers to follow on Instagram

· Satisfy your wandering soul ·

So if you don’t already know, I’m off to Europe on Tuesday. And yes, you’re right. I am going to freeze! This trip (to Europe, UK, America and finishing back in Sydney) is a long time coming. And I’m talking longer than the last 5 months since I booked my flights. Even longer than a…

5 Things I’m Leaving in 2017

· 5 changes I need to make to be the best version of myself in 2018 ·

It’s 9am on the 5th of January. I’m sitting in my quiet living room, the Australian summer sun already hot on my back. My cat sleeps at my feet, the greyhound on the cool wooden floor. And, for the first time since leaving Sydney last May, I am listening to the soundtrack of my original…

My top 9 of 2017

So you may have noticed a rising social media trend over the last few years of having your Instagram account calibrated to find out your top 9 most liked photos of the year. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Your feed is full of them. And as we are in the season of retrospection,…