In Pursuit

Samii McCormick

Hello Difference Makers
My name is Samii Morgan McCormick, I am 23 years young & I am an enthusiast of all things inspirational and motivating. Oh, and welcome to

I am simply a small town christian farm girl by birth, a city explorer by right and a creation perfectionist on a road to ‘I am not sure where’, with a map I cannot read. I guess I am simply a girl who is trying to find out what she would like to do and what she is destined to do.

I have just moved back to Perth after living on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney for the past two and half years, spending my days waking, eating, studying and repeating.

My hope is that, as I navigate my heart and my world, you not only join me in support but learn something about your own journey along the way. Creating and keeping this blog running has been a big step in the right direction – to discovering my purpose – but it has been just as much a challenge. But I knew that there was more that needed to be said, that there are more people I haven’t yet reached that are still stuck, still without hope. So despite the struggles I face, I write this blog with an open heart. There is more of a change that needs to be made and I know that I can be the one to do it, if I just try.

So subscribe to my blog, contact me and join me as a world changer, a ‘Difference Maker’.
It means a lot to me to know that my thoughts are being heard and that I am using my talents and gifts to hopefully help others better understand themselves and love themselves.
So thank you, to every one of you, for picking up an unreadable map on a road to nowhere in blind faith and for joining me in this journey we call life.