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5 Things I Have Learned About Being A Creative

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May 5, 2016 0 Comments

I have always been a nonlinear thinker

I have had my fair share of authority crisis’ and I definitely struggle with insecurity.
I am introspective, analytical and sensitive. I have a unique imagination, an odd affiliation for escapism and I am the biggest critic, especially of my own work. I am curious, I love putting things together and I like rules but find it more interesting to challenge those rules. I am always on the search for a new adventure, the next invention, the truth and nothing but the truth. I have trouble being accurate, I am spontaneous, bold, forthcoming and i see things where others do not. I am a creative and here is five things I have learned about being a ‘creative’.


We are all creative

We are all created creatively. You may not view yourself as a creative person, accepting the notion that without creative talents you have no creative capabilities. But just as everyone is created an individual everyone is created uniquely skilled, talented and gifted. And to ignore that is to ignore the fact that we have been created by God, in His image; in the image of a creative creator. And okay, maybe that’s not what you believe but it’s what I believe…
He has moulded and formed you in His image and though the world may deem you untalented, God calls you to live in a matter that reflects His goodness; use the skills and gifts and talents He has blessed you with.


We all have our own strengths and weaknesses

We are not robots, we aren’t all wired in the same way and therefore do not function in the same way. And that is ok.
I am, along with most ‘creatives’, a nonlinear thinker. That means my thought process is less constrictive – letting my creative side run rampant because of its lack of structure – anything of interest will be thoroughly investigated before jumping to the next, possibly non-related subject! It’s much like brainstorming – allowing thought to flow, unhindered, in attempts to arrive upon something special in the process. But this can be a weakness and does have its downsides. I agonize incessantly over everything, even on the matter of where to begin. I can lack the ability to self problem solve and I am prone to procrastination, caused by the fear of failing.
But I have learned how I am wired; my learning and communication style, my introverted tendencies and emotional weaknesses. This has helped me to take pride in the lateral thinking process of my intuitive brain and succeed as a ‘creative’ in a sadly linear, logical world.


Creative’s are people of action

Unfortunately for those of us prone to procrastination, thinking creatively is not being creative. An action is needed, a product, or a performance, some work done, some creation for there to be creativity. Unfortunately dreaming – although fine for it’s often where ideas come from – is not enough. It is action that creates.
I am a doer, I get bored very easily and am therefore always on the look out for something to keep my mind and hands busy; probably why I enjoy building things and solving puzzles and can never stay in one place for long. But I am also a dreamer, known to struggle with the out working of an idea due to my imaginative nature and I often struggle to begin the work until I have thought up what it is I am supposed to do. I can “think” too much without acting and that is not a good way to go about being creative. But one good thing about being a ‘creative’ is how creative people are not believers of the old adage “ready, aim, fire,” a creative person understands that the process is much rawer; “Fire, aim, and now maybe you’re ready.”
Creative’s are also builders of momentum, even if it is in the wrong direction, or they are confused about the direction because they understand that once you see what it is you have done, or have produced, only then can you adjust your direction.
I am glad to be a creative because I am one of the few whom understand that even mistakes can lead you toward your goal and that it’s easier to change direction once moving than it is to get started, so get started.


It is ok to fail

Mistakes do far more to help us learn and improve than successes. If we treat each mistake not as a misstep but as a learning experience the possibilities for self-improvement are limitless.
I think this is a creative’s biggest opponent; self doubt. We are the biggest and hardest critics and can do ourselves a lot of damage. We can hold ourselves back and limit ourselves by fearing people’s opinions and it is not at all uncommon if a creator never shares their work.
But one thing I have observed within the creative community is that, although we doubt ourselves we can be the greatest challenges and supporters to other like-minded people. I believe it might be our empathy for others that leads us to be wonderful team players and followers. We can empathise with the frustrations of the creation process and the heart ache of failure and be wonderful encourages to others who try. But other times it seems as if us creatives have no inhibitions at all, throwing all caution to the wind and living as if failing is the goal. And I relate, I can be extremely proud of the things I create and love to share it with others; there is very little fear of people’s opinion for although I do fear judgement, I don’t fear interpretation of my art for I know that is what happens; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and is up for interpretation. There is a beauty that I will not refuse someone from discovering for themselves.


Different does not mean wrong

You may have heard me quote this a number of times before…but for good reason. It is the honest, raw truth. People have been trying to label me all my life; having learning difficulties, speech problems, emotional disorders and so on and even in the supportive, amazingly encouraging environment I am now apart of I am sectioned off, signalled out, labelled as different. True it is not designed to be limiting or oppressing but I am a creative student, a ‘creative’ and therefore I work differently and am different. And I know I am not the only one; I know there are many out there facing judgement for the way you function or think.
But being intuitive, being observational and open minded is not a bad thing. And yes I can be inconsiderate, appear inconsistent and sound arrogant but I am not a bad person.
Yes us
creative people can be unpredictable and we do not always follow the crowd, or behave rationally, but that doesn’t mean we are wrong. Just because this world may prefer you to be logical, rational and linear does not make everyone that is not, wrong. Different is good. Different is important. Different is strength and power in a growing world that wants change and dreams of bigger and better.

Different does not mean wrong because it not our excellence that makes us different but our differences that make us excellent. They make us strong and powerful. So embrace them and make the most of them. Get Creative!

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