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5 Perth food Instagram accounts to follow right now!

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July 26, 2017 4 Comments

If Sydney is all about the early morning, up-and-go breakfast and if Melbourne is known for its coffee, Perth is famous for its brunch scene. But these 5 Instagram accounts have it all, no matter what you crave

Little old Perth. A lot can be said about this quiet, slow paced, geographically isolated town of a city. But for all it (sadly still) lacks, one thing that is very much on the rise here is the foodie revolution. With a new cafe opening what feels like every week now, no matter what suburb you find yourself in there’s bound to be something good close by to satisfy even your most crazy craving. But with so many hidden foodie gems out there it’s hard to know where to go when the stomach starts a-rumbling. Especially for those of us incapable of making decisions.
All Millennials embarrassingly say Amen!
So whether you’re a local on the lookout for something new or are visiting Perth and are wondering whats on offer, to help you out I’ve compiled a short list of food lover’s Instagram accounts that are sure to inspire you to get out there and enjoy what little old Perth does have to offer; which is more and more deliciousness every day!

Okay so I might be a little (Ok very much so) bias here but you should most definitely follow my sister-from-another-mister Nkisu and for very good reasons. One, she might just be the very best content creator around. Two, she knows her food, from the latest city coffee spots to home made baked goods and cake decorating, my girl knows whats what. Also, she’s hella cute, hot and funny af and you want to be her friend; the next best thing? follow her! She not only has this foodie account but she also has a book review account (@book_after_book) and her own personal account which is overflowing with envy worthy street cred fashion inspo (@nkisu_truffles). This girl is going places and I am lucky to call her a friend!


What ever it might be, where ever you may be looking for it Perth food adventures knows where it is and if its worth that extra hour in the gym afterwards. All their photos on their account are their own original photos (unless otherwise stated) and that’s how you can be sure that these foodies are true food lovers; they personally try everything they promote. Plus, their insta stories are better than some food TV shows – they showcase all and everything and practically post everyday, all day.

Created by marketing consultant Liz Lyons in 2013, Breakfast In has grown to become a national food inspiration sensation. Breakfast In Perth has more than 90.8K followers alone and there are now four Instagram accounts within this foodie movement! (@breakfastinperth, @breakfastinmelbourne, @breakfastinsydney and It covers everything from where to find the yummiest Acai bowl to your classic latte. Or as the picture below hints, they do branch out beyond breakfast hour.


Michelle and her dedicated team of local writers are not only passionate about food but do some serious research to keep us all up to date on what’s out there and what’s worth our money and taste buds. Now if I had as much money as I do time right now I would visit every place these foodies recommend. My stomach is rumbling looking through their insta feed again. It all looks so good.


Perth is albeit slowly but most definitely catching up to the rest of the country when it comes to vegan, lactose and coeliac friendly foods. And if you are on the lookout for all things healthy, raw and fresh Perth vegan eats has you covered. As a mildly affected gluten sufferer and more seriously affected lactose avoider, I love this account. It has opened my eyes to what is out there and what is available in my own city and has made it easier to find cafes and restaurants that can cater to my dietary requirements.

Well, there you have it, my top 5 Perth foodie Instagram accounts.
What do think? Do you agree and which ones will you be following now?
Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the feedback section below because I’d love to hear if this has helped you in the endless search for a stomach rumble cure!

Enjoy my Difference Makers x


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    Justine Spencer

    August 4, 2017

    Couldn’t agree more – Perth is definitely the brunch capital of Australia! My fav spots are Little Lefroy for their Shakshuka, Tropico for their Smashed Avo and Sapore for their Breakfast Bruschetta. Muffle & Co., Whisk Creamery and Stampede Gelato are my fave sweet treats 😉

    Justine x

    • Reply


      August 7, 2017

      Thanks girl! And thanks for the recommendations, will most definitely be checking those places out!

  2. Reply

    Ashleigh D'Mello

    August 4, 2017

    Well this is my weekend planned! I have a lot of Insta-stalking to do, haha

    Ashleigh x

  3. Reply

    Nkisu Machona

    July 27, 2017

    My sister from another mister! Love you girlie! Thanks for the feature 🙂 xxx

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