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10 Travel bloggers to follow on Instagram

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January 26, 2018 0 Comments

Eye Candy for your wanderlust

So if you don’t already know, I’m off to Europe on Tuesday.
And yes, you’re right. I am going to freeze!

This trip (to Europe, UK, America and finishing back in Sydney) is a long time coming. And I’m talking longer than the last 5 months since I booked my flights. Even longer than a year ago when my housemate got engaged and extended an open invite to attend her Switzerland wedding. This trip is a dream come true, a life time in the making.

On Tuesday I will no longer be a dreamer, I will become a wanderer.

And as much as I hope you will follow my travels here on the blog and on Instagram, I know I am no professional. So I thought I would share with you some of the travel aficionado’s accounts that inspire and fuel my travel bug, that you may be motivated to dream up your own adventure.


@dreaming_outloud – Hailey Marie

This Minnesota adventurer and her husband travel all over the US – and now the world – capturing it all so beautifully in stills and motion. Make sure to check out their videos on YouTube.


@Bruce_miller – Bryce Miller

Now you might recognise this young talented film maker as Hailey’s other half, but he is so much more than an Insta-husband. You cannot follow one without liking the other. This power couple’s eye for natural beauty will have you packing your car up, ready to hit the road, within minutes!


@worldwanderlust – Brooke Saward

I have been following Brooke for years and highly recommend her blog for a good read. Its actually her posts on Solo travel that has inspired me to take the leap and go travelling by myself. She is so full of life and you see that in her writing. She’s making her dreams come true and is getting paid to help others do the same. I just wish I was as confident as her to travel solo.


@gypsea_lust – Lauren Bullen

Talk about eye candy for your wanderlust! This is the account to follow if you want to waste some time. The photography is amazing and I can’t help but research the locations for myself. I guaranty you, this is better for your soul than coffee and chocolate combined. It will become your newest not-so-secret pleasure.


@lucylaucht – Lucy Rose Laucht

This is hands down the most satisfying account ever. There, I said it. I’ve never come across anything like it. The locations, the colours, the subject matter. Lucy has one hell of a creative eye.


@finduslost – Selena + Jacob

Another Husband and wife power couple concurring the work/life balance. These two packed up their life in LA and now travel the world together. And you can join them too, online at least.


@mrbenbrown – Ben Brown

Film maker, photographer, traveller. Ben Brown has been and is living the best life and I am both in awe and jealous of him. Not only of his talent but of his courage to go and pave his own way in this world. He’s made a career out of following the wind.


@damonandjo – Damon + Jo

These two savvy globe trotting besties have made a career for themselves out their travel/culture and language knowledge and bubbly personalities. Make sure to check these two kids out. You will not be disappointed.


@cntraveler – Conde Nast Traveler

A collection of photos from people all around the world, this account is one to follow. There is wanderlust inspiration for any and all types of travellers and adventurers.


@retrosonja – Sonja Vogel

Granted, I like Sonja’s account mostly for the fashion it’s but non-the-less inspirational and dreamlike for travel in and around Europe.

Well, there you go. A few new Instagram accounts to drool over and use as inspiration.
What are some of the travel accounts that you follow?
Are there any travel bloggers or photographers I should know about ahead of my Winter getaway? Make sure to let me know!

And stay tuned because this blog is about to become very travel orientated!

January 31, 2018

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